About us

We have the experience, expertise and determination to exceed your expectations.

Over the years we have successfully designed and developed multimedia solutions for clients worldwide.

We believe deeply in establishing strong and lasting customer relationships. It makes sense when a large part of our design business comes from referrals and repeat orders from satisfied customers.

On this site we made the deliberate decision to keep the content as jargon free as possible. We did that for one simple reason — people don't always want to read it. But, if you want, more technical questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our background
We have developed from a commercial print background so we understand the industry and the needs of the customer.

But we have also kept apace of new technology and the web.

Our new media expertise was developed working for an international automotive consultancy whose clients included Ford and Honda.

Developing our skils as the web evolved to the dominant market place it is today, we understand the value of best practices which enable web based projects to succeed.