Frequently asked questions.

More technical information to be considered before publishing your website.

We design beautiful websites but we have to admit that good looks are not all that matters.

On this page you will find important information which explains why our web designs are professionally built, technically robust and efficient as well an attractive advertisement for your business.

If you would like more information we will be pleased to provide you with more advice and answer any further questions you may have.

You can either phone us on 01905 26660 or send your questions using the enquiry form on our contact page.

How much will it cost?
We offer a very competitive pricing structure. Our websites start from as little as £250 including domain registration, hosting and up to 12 email accounts.

Larger sites with more features (shopping carts, content managed sites, blogs or a combination of any of these) will obviously cost more.

Once we know exactly what you require we will be pleased to provide you with an accurate no obligations quote which will itemise the specific elements of your site.

For many of our clients we develop modular sites, starting small to establish an online presence for them immediately, and let the site develop stage by stage. This has 2 advantages:- it helps project manage the site's development and more importantly, it allows our clients to spread the cost.

Will my site be found easily?
Reaching your target audience is the first priority of your website.Creating remarkable content or a website that is useful will without doubt generate better returns for any business and that's why we take Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so seriously.

Publishing remarkable content and websites to the Internet and establishing an authoritative environment in which the website will flourish is the next task. Succeeding in these tasks takes time, experience, skill and patience. Exceptional websites optimised exceptionally are what helps businesses succeed on the web.

The following are the areas we focus on when developing any website.

Firstly, content Is King. Exceptional content earns great links. Great links earn Authority. Authority earns high rankings. Strong information architecture is the means by which great content is structured. Clear, clean organization not only helps search engines crawl sites to find relevant, useful information but helps them understand how documents relate to each other and effectively distribute link authority.

Search engines respect structure and they like to know what's important about your site. Semantically relevant information needs to be higher up in the site hierarchy and each page should use structural elements - heading, paragraph and other HTML tags - to prioritise importance.

Networking and link building:
On top of this, our social media expertise can help you to connect with your target market whilst also attracting a powerful new online audience to your pages. Most of the big brands spend small fortunes on online social media promotion, with the goal of tapping into this amazing source of traffic and customers.

We provide an effective SEO and online marketing strategy for your budget.

Social media marketing?
We design and build professional pages for Facebook because it offers fantastic exposure to a massive market at a fraction of the cost of more traditional advertising media.

These are the current figures from Facebook:

  • More than 500 million active users
  • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • Average user has 130 friends
  • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

This is viral marketing at its best. That's why all the major brands are using it — from Coca Cola to Marks and Spencer, and we can put your business up there with them.

Social media is becoming more and more important as it dovetails with search engines perfectly. The search engines are giving sites more weighting, and it’s a great way of creating links

For example, see our Facebook site by clicking on the Facebook logo below.

How many people find your site?
This is such an understandable question and we're not the only ones who have asked it. With this information we're more prepared to write better-targeted websites and e-campaigns. It reveals which of your marketing initiatives are most effective and from there create higher converting websites.

Google provide a brilliant service which, as they say themselves, " gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness."

We will show you how to use this service yourself or, if you prefer, we can provide website traffic reports for you as frequently as you like.

We only use the most reliable hosting services who guarantee that your site will be online all the time.

The cost of hosting your site will depend on the size of your site, the volume of traffic your site generates and the level of technical features your site requires.

We ensure that this service is provided for you in the most reliable and cost effective manner.